kmailrc question

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Fri Nov 10 04:34:00 UTC 2006


In an attempt tto save most of a days typing to regenerate all the filters 
and such for kmail (FC6) I found that file on the FC2 system and copied it 
over the FC6 version.

It worked, but it didn't.  I did get all the folders and colors, but the 
fonts were scrambled, and none of the filters showed up in the filters 

I can't make a new folder, clicking on the function does nothing.  And 
after quite a few hours, I still have 30K of filters to go to get them all 
re-created.  If I have to do that all over I will, so my question is "what 
package can I recover the original kmailrc from?"

Thats so that I can reconfigure all this with it all working, as opposed to 
being half crippled now.

Many thanks.

Cheers, Gene

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