can't play avi file

Darlene Wallach freepalestin at
Wed Nov 29 06:48:56 UTC 2006

Ric Moore wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-11-25 at 23:31 -0800, Darlene Wallach wrote:
>>It is a video of a session of a course on Haskell, a functional
>>programming language, at a German University.
>>I'm very disappointed I can't play the videos on my computer. I
>>was looking forward to watching the videos to learn more about
>>Haskell. Someone who has watched some of the videos recommends
>>them highly.
> Just for grins I tried other packages like Xine, Mplayer, VLC,
> Kaboodle... nothing worked. Have you managed to get it working? I didn't
> dnload it, I just tried to stream it in Firefox. Ric


Nothing has worked for me. I googled the error message:
X Error of failed request:  BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)

and tried a suggested fix - adding two lines to xorg.conf in
Section "Device"
         Option      "VideoRam" "65536"
         Option      "CacheLines" "1980"

After adding those two lines I could not get X to start so I
removed them.

I don't know - do I need to do mknod for
   Major opcode of failed request:  140 (XVideo)
   Minor opcode of failed request:  19 ()
Is this referring to major and minor numbers of the XVideo device?
Is this a char device? a block device?

It could be my graphics card just can't handle the video.

I just have no clue.


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