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Antti J. Huhtala ahuhtal4 at
Thu Dec 20 14:21:39 UTC 2007

to, 2007-12-20 kello 21:13 +0800, Ed Greshko kirjoitti:
> Antti J. Huhtala wrote:
> > No doubt. It's a clean install of F8 with (AFAIK) the latest flash
> > plugin. 
> Oh, I just realized there is probably a difference in my system than yours.
>  I'd forgotten that I use Sun's Java stuff and not icedtea.  I also
> downloaded and installed the flash plugin direct from Adobe.
All right, thanks Ed. I don't have Sun's Java but the flash plugin is
from Adobe.
> As for what some others have said...  Well it is the "Holiday" season and
> strange as it may seem people tend to get stressed out and snap at others
> for no apparent reason.  Probably best to ignore some comments.  :-)
As far as they serve an educational purpose for someone, I don't mind.
My point here is that all flash videos don't play "out of the box" in
F8. In F7 I could watch CNN with Firefox-32 + Adobe flash plugin with no
problems. Things changed only when I installed F8.

BR, Antti

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