Minimal Boot Media?

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Thu Jul 12 02:19:16 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-07-11 at 19:58 -0400, Mike - EMAIL IGNORED wrote:
> For ftp or http, it says to supply it with "... the directory
> where the installation files reside". Is the correct directory:
> 1. the directory that contains the DVD iso file ?

It can be.

> 2. releases/7/Fedora/os/ ?

I would say the above, as it matches what you find in the root of the
install DVD (packages, GPG keys, other bits used while installing).


> 3. releases/7/Fedora/os/Fedora/ ?

I would say not, as it's only the RPMs, without the install routine
scripts, etc.  I'd say the message about "where the installation files
reside" is a clue, it doesn't say just "where the RPMs are".

Perhaps there should be a README in the right directory, saying that
*this* *directory* is where network installs are started from.

> 4. perhaps something under the "everything" sub-tree ?

That might depends on the mirror.  The one I tried looked like the
install DVD, albeit with a lot more RPMs in one of the sub-directories.


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