Problems with F7: Wrong kernel type, prelink pegs my CPU

Gilbert Sebenste sebenste at
Wed Jul 25 05:43:58 UTC 2007

Hi Sam,

> To make the default change permanent, edit /boot/grub/grub.conf, and change 
> the default= setting. The first menu entry in Grub's boot menu is default=0, 
> the second menu entry is default=1, and so on. Set default accordingly. Take 
> care editing the grub.conf file, an accidental typo may have rather 
> unfortunate results.

Right on. I remembered that after I sent out my email.

>> Second, a program called "prelink" pegs my CPU. Is it necessary, and if 
>> not, how do I turn it off besides doing a kill -9 on it?
> That shouldn't happen. Run 'rpm -e prelink', but this should really be 
> investigated further. prelink shouldn't be hogging the CPU, like that. Before 
> nuking prelink, wait for eat to start eating the CPU, find its pid, then do 
> "ls /proc/$PID/fd". Wait a few seconds, and do it again. See if there are any 
> changes. You might have a corrupted binary somewhere that prelink is choking 
> on. Prelinking is good, you want to try to keep it around.

Maybe a buggy kernel? They just released a new one. I'll see how it goes.
Thanks for the help to all who have replied so far!

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