Prevent /u from showing up on users desktops in F7

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Mon Jul 30 11:39:38 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2007-07-29 at 20:36 -0700, Darryl wrote:
> How do I prevent filesystems/folders from showing up on user's gnome 
> desktops? I have /u being mounted out of /etc/fstab at boot time but do 
> not want it on the user desktop. Other filesystems such as /var and 
> /boot are somehow excluded so there must be some kind of configuration 
> file to adjust this behavior but I can't seem to locate it :-(.

What's "/u"?  How do you mount it?

Here, all that shows up on the desktop are three icons for opening "my
computer" (opens a browser starting at /), the user's home (opens
starting in ~/), a trashcan (~/.Trash/).

The desktop displays what's held in ~/Desktop/ (if it's empty, and it is
by default, nothing else shows).

And, if and when I plug in a USB flash drive, or insert a disc into the
CD drive, an icon pops up on the desktop.

If you don't want any icons on the desktop, there's controls for that.
You can use gconf-editor to turn off displaying them on the Gnome
desktop (look in its /apps/nautilus/desktop/ tree branch for the the
things I mentioned above, and there's a /apps/nautilus/preferences has a
show_desktop option to stop using Nautilus to display the desktop).  I
don't recall the tip for disabling it in KDE.

There's another one, that I can't remember at the moment, regarding
whether removable devices appear on the desktop.

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