New Dell Inspiron 9400: From Vista to Fedora/Vista.

Mark Heslep mark at
Wed May 23 19:29:20 UTC 2007

Claude Jones wrote:
> On Wed May 23 2007 1:24:39 pm Mark Heslep wrote:
>> Nat Gross wrote:
>>> woops. According to the table at
>>> ,
>>> gnu Parted cannot resize ntfs partition.
>>> nat
>> Right, you must have resizentfs (or ntfsresize?).  Have done
>> it many times.  Load the resize binary on a usb stick, boot a
>> fedora rescue CD ( or a live linux distro?), mount the stick
>> and then:
>> 1. run resize.  Be Careful, Pay attention.  Run it in
>> 'pretend' mode once before the real thing. Record the new
>> filesystem size.  You have now resized the filesystem, not the
>> containing partition, so 2. Run your partition manager.
>>  fdisk, parted, etc.  Kill the NTFS partition.  Immediately
>> create a new partition starting at exactly the same place, and
>> ending at a spot that must absolutely be large enough to
>> contain the new (smaller) ntfs filesystem.
>> 3. Reboot into Windows (safemode) and run the windows file
>> system checker (chkfs?)
>> 4. Reboot again w/ your Linux install media and do the linux
>> thing.
> I have to say, this is wrong. It may have once been true. I just 
> used the gparted distro to do this very thing - see my earlier 
> post. 
ok - you don't claim my steps are wrong but that ntfsresize is not 
necessary and one can use gparted instead?


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