GRUB Question

Karl Larsen k5di at
Tue Oct 16 22:09:27 UTC 2007

John Pierce wrote:
>>     Well first read man grub or info grub on your F7 working computer.
> I did, and I am able to boot the installed kernel
>> Learn how to write a section on your existing grub.conf in /boot/grub/
>> that will boot your F8. It is like the ones you have now but with
>> different root and boot. You can get the right stuff from the F8 grub.conf.
> I did not see anything that would just boot the grub from sdb, I would
> prefer to do this so that when mandriva updates it's kernel I do not
> have to manually edit the grub of my fedora installation.
    Earlier a guy said this:

If you installed your mandriva bootloader on the MBR of sdb that
points to a /boot partition on sdb#, you can just add a stanza in your
Fedora 7 grub.conf on sda to chainload sdb ... just treat your other
grub like you would a Windows partition (without all the crazy BIOS
drive order swapping and partition hiding needed).

    The chainload is what grub does for any Windows partitions. I'm not 
sure you want to try chainload sdb. But that might just be it. Look at 
man grub and get the details for a windows loader.


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