Kickstart Installation using Existing LVM Logical Volume

S P Arif Sahari Wibowo arifsaha at
Mon Feb 11 23:14:25 UTC 2008

On Thu, 7 Feb 2008, Chris Rouch wrote:
> For starters, you're using "clearpart --all" which will erase 
> all your existing partitions. I think your part pv.1 should 
> use --onpart rather than --ondisk and you might need 
> --useexisting on the volgroup line.

On the first drive, existing partion need to be cleared and new 
partition and volgroup need to be created.

Only on the second drive existing LVM volume need to be reused.

> clearpart --none
> part /boot   --fstype ext3  --onpart=/dev/sda2
> part pv.01 --onpart=/dev/sda5
> volgroup privg pv.01 --useexisting
> logvol /          --fstype ext3 --useexisting --name=priroot
> --vgname=privg --grow --size=6000
> logvol /var       --fstype ext3 --useexisting --name=privar
> --vgname=privg --size=1024
> logvol swap       --fstype swap --useexisting --name=priswap
> --vgname=privg --size=1024

This look very similar to what I tried, except that I use 2 
drives and on the other drive need to be reinitialized. Can this 
be done in kickstart?

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