Will not boot after Disk upgrade from hda to sda

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Tue Jan 1 18:35:11 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 01 January 2008, Les Mikesell wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Said another way, if the mobo's bios can't see this new drive, then it
>> obviously cannot boot from it.  This is not a linux problem, but a bios
>> problem.
>> My current workaround was to move all the stuff from /boot1, the first
>> partition on this sata drive that the F8 install to this drive made,
>> to /boot, the first partition on ide0,0 drive, at which point F8 will
>> boot, using the /VolGroup01 etc on the sata drive as its / drive, and with
>> /boot1 as its /boot once its booted.  Weird, as it disconnects the /boot
>> it booted from, but it works.
>That's a fairly normal configuration. If you have multiple disks, the
>grub install and /boot have to be on bios-enabled drives, but / or the
>LVM containing it does not since the kernel drivers are active by the
>time you access it.  You probably have duplicate labels on the /boot
>partitions, a common problem if you move drives around.  Either change
>the labels or fix /etc/fstab to refer to the partition name so the
>active /boot partition is mounted for updates, etc.
I did that while configing the disks in the first place, except for /boot1, 
that was apparently in response to finding a /boot already in use.

However, I hadn't tried that with the f8 version of fstab yet, I assume it 
would work.

Thanks Les.

Cheers, Gene
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