Syncing Palm device via USB Cable

Patrick O'Callaghan pocallaghan at
Mon Mar 10 14:32:43 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-03-10 at 08:20 -0500, pursley1 at wrote:
> I'm new to Fedora and am still classified have been messing around with 
> Linux part-time for about a year but am trying to migrate fully to Linux 
> now and can't seem to get my Palm device to sync.  It connects via a USB 
> cable and I can even tell you how it appears in the proc file system USB 
> file when it is activated but how do I tell the software that it's 
> there?  This is only one of a few things that is hindering my desire to 
> completely eliminate Windows from my computer (I haven't liked Microsoft 
> for years).  Any help here?

1) Make sure you have the pilot-link package installed and up to date.
2) Make sure it works: do 'pilot-dlpsh -p usb:' and play around. Check
the man pages for the various pilot-* commands.
3) If you want a GUI front-end pick one (e.g. kpilot, gnome-pilot) and
install it.
4) Configure the front-end to use 'usb:' as the Pilot device.


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