Fedora 8 java question

Kevin Kempter kevin at kevinkempterllc.com
Thu Mar 13 16:00:42 UTC 2008

Hi List;

I've run into a snag with Fedora 8 and I'm not sure I have even enough info to 
share to get some help, but I figure it's worth a shot:

- I'm currently working with a client where I need remote VPN access. They use 
a java based utility via a "NETGEAR ProSafe SSL VPN Concentrator 25 SSL312" 
device. I was quite pleased to find that with Fedora 7 when I clicked the 
java 'install/setup' icon the VPN just worked.

However, I decided to upgrade to Fedora 8 and the VPN stopped working. 
My "Upgrade" to Fedora 8 was a new clean install. I did find that the java 
plugin in my fedora 7 install was using version 6 update 2 and my fedora 8 
install was using version 7 (not sure of the build).

With version 7, once I click the install/run icon I get a new small firefox 
window which tells me it's connecting and then it displays a connect & 
disconnect button (with the connect greyed out since at that point I'm 
connected.  However with Fedora 8 I get the window but nothing ever displays 
in it just a blank window.

Thoughts ?

Thanks in advance....

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