Ello, I'm sort of new to the lists...is it best to install from livecd?

Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Tue Sep 2 13:26:16 UTC 2008

Travis Arnold:
>> Erm I've been using ubuntu recently but would like to use fedora, but am
>> not sure how to install, is it best to use live cd, or the dvd install
>> medium?  

Thomas Cameron:
> Either one should work, the DVD route is nice because all of the 
> packages are right there.  LiveCD can require that you install a lot of 
> stuff over your Internet connection.

Though, you face having a shed-load of updates to put on post-install,
so the DVD install approach loses its sex appeal.  It can be simpler to
do a smaller initial installation, then freshly add extra software from
the newest updates from the internet.

>> Also how can I have a seperate home directory? the LVM section
>> in the partitioning menu scared me off, I still have the live cd
>> downloaded, but not the dvd, shall I just download that instead?

As Thomas said, you can choose to partition the drive another way
(whatever you're used to or want to, instead of LVM), and both the live
disc and DVD installer use LVM by default.

I don't like LVM, it's a nuisance to deal with if you plug a drive in
that also used LVM with the same volume names, and I don't know what the
recovery options are like.

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