FireFox 3 EULA

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Thu Sep 18 22:53:08 UTC 2008

> > I'd recommend that everyone disable those options
> if they value their privacy.
> > Or just switch to a sane browser, such as Konqueror.
> It's really outrageous
> > that this kind of "phoning home" is
> tolerated in Free Software.
Very much agree!!!, I use firefox on rawhide now, but I have disabled that stuff.  It was not working very well, but I installed Opera and it got better right away and it started working better.  Incredible how it detected Opera and started functioning right away.  

On konqueror, I like konqueror, but It does not give me the ability to use the agent switcher like it did before (KDE 3.5.9).  Now I can't visit pages that are for IE like I did before :(  

I get the message:

"Sorry, but because of security considerations Netscape Version 6 is not supported by VistaNet applications. "

I have tried 

Settings --> Configure Konqueror --> Web Browsing --> Browser Identification and try to put the site in there, but I can't :( it just allows me to type http and that is it :(  

I use Opera for these pages because Firefox(with User Agent enabled) also fails.  I have to use it since it is the only one that works and the other choice is to use Windows and native IE.  But as long as it works, I am okay with it.  
> I saw those options, and neither of them suggested that
> they were
> responsible for the phoning home. At least their
> description doesn't
> suggest such. Seems like the same functionality could be
> gained by
> maintaining a local sqlite db of phishing sites.
> -- 

They were not responsible, but they acknowledged that a third party would get the information.  That is the part that bothers/bothered many users.




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