Silent mounting of disks? Unwanted.

Andy Campbell fedora at
Thu Nov 19 05:53:50 UTC 2009

>>One workaround I found is to explicitly include the filesystem in /etc/
>>fstab.  But add the option noauto this stops it getting mount e.g.
>>  ... ext3    noauto,defaults 0 0 ...
> That may be a way to stop it, but it has never happened before, and I
> would rather find out what did do it.
> Thanks Andy.

Are you sure you didn't get one of those pop up windows asking you 
to type in the root password to Authorize something, and did read
it properly ?

I you un-mount the filesystems/reboot and log in as another user are they
remounted ?  Stuff on /media is usually mount by gnome-mount I believe
same if you inserted a CD in the DVD drive or plugged in a flash drive
in your USB port.

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