How to import a Fedora Core 7 era KVM Image to Fedora 12?

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Fri Nov 27 01:01:02 UTC 2009

Michael N. Moran wrote:
> I recently installed Fedora 12 after using Fedora Core 7
> for last couple of years. I have a Windoze KVM/Qemu image
> that I would like to import to run on my shiny new Fedora
> 12.
> I've launched Virtual Machine Manager, but it doesn't seem
> to like my old .raw image file.
> Any pointers?
Try running KVM from the command line, something like:
   qemu-kvm -m 512 -hda MyRawImageFiles -soundhw all
You may have to load the kvm module, run as root, something like that, but this 
method should get you going.

I have no idea what format libvirt wants, I started on CLI and never saw a 
reason to do otherwise. But qemu-img can convert to a number of image formats, 
find out what you need if you want to go that way, or convert to qcow2 if you 
stay on CLI, it uses less disk. Back up with "tar -cSf" or something which knows 
about sparse files.


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