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James Wilkinson fedora at aprilcottage.co.uk
Mon Sep 14 21:06:09 UTC 2009

Rajendra Sakpal wrote:
> Hi Paul,

Not Paul, but…

> I need some suggestion or input from you.  Which architecture type did you
> choose for your installation on i7-920 processor? Please refer the table
> below.
>  Intel (except Atom 230, Atom 330, Core 2 Duo, Centrino Core2 Duo, and
> recent vintage Xeon); AMD (except Athlon 64, Athlon x2, Sempron 64, and
> Opteron); VIA C3, C7 i386  Intel Atom 230, Atom 330, Core 2 Duo, Centrino
> Core 2 Duo, and Xeon; AMD Athlon 64, Athlon x2, Sempron64, and Opteron;
> Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air x86_64  Apple Macintosh G3, G4,
> G5, PowerBook, and other non-Intel models ppc

Whatever email client you’re using, it made a *mess* of that table in
plain text!

You don’t want ppc. It won’t work on your system.

Either i386 or x86_64 will work well for you. x86_64 (64 bit) will be
slightly faster (normally, although it’s not noticeable), and will be
able to use more than 3 GB of RAM in one program. (I notice you say
you’ve got 8 GB – lucky person!)

i386 may be easier to get working with some non-Fedora software, if that
matters to you.

I’ve been on x86_64 since 2005.

Hope this helps,


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