Ksysguard doesn't show cpu or network

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Sun Sep 27 10:28:55 UTC 2009

On Sunday 27 September 2009 05:58:17 Michael Eager wrote:
> Hi --
> After a recent update, ksysguard no longer shows CPU
> or Network activity.  When I check properties of these
> two windows, no sensors are listed.
> I'm running FC10, KDE 4.3.
> How do I add sensors to these displays?
I could be wrong, but I don't think they have been added, yet.  There are 
plasmoids that can be installed on the panel, taking up one icon-space, for 
each of them.  

There are also a couple of superkaramba plasmoids that give incredible amounts 
of information, but they are so big you probably need a separate desktop for 
them, and I'm not sure that you can confine them to one desktop without using 
the activity-per-desktop, which on some systems causes problems but works 
perfectly on others.  As an experiment I ran the lappy widget and Automatik on 
a desktop, and the combined display took up 50% of the width.

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