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>> How do find Frequently asked Questions aboat fendora 13?

take your pick;

FAQ -- Master site maintained by Aaron Turner.

Red Hat Linux Installation FAQ

The Unofficial Fedora FAQ


FAQs - Fedora Hosted


FAQ - FedoraProject

FAQ - Current Release

>> my linux clock app in linux is missing up my windows clock app in
>> windows: my windows ,my linux. They offset each others time. Is there a
>> solution?

set your bios clock to UTC, set linux clock to UTC, set ms clock to GMT.	

>> Fendora 13 does not recognize my Vizio HD Tv m220mv; therefore,
>> it is not allowing me enter high resolution modes?


>> How do i reset the fendora 13 (64 bit) kernel to run both 32-bit and
>> 64-bit applications, so i may install avira antivirus personal on my
>> system without causing bigger problems than I have.



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