touchpad issue-SOLVED

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Sun Aug 22 01:02:42 UTC 2010

PaulCartwright wrote:
>   On 08/21/2010 12:58 PM, Greg Woods wrote:
>>> I'm running fedora 13, and and on my laptop, I have a synaptic
>>>>  touchpad. When I am moving the cursor around, I used to be able to TAP
>>>>  the pad to make it do the  same as a left-double-click. I can't figure
>>>>  out how to make it do that in fedora ( gnome).. Not sure what menu that
>>>>  would be under...
>> System ->  Preferences ->  Mouse . There is a "Touchpad" tab and you click
>> the "Enable mouse clicks with touchpad" box to enable this behavior.
> that was it, thanks! I can't imagine why that wasn't checked by 
> default... in every other distro I've tried it was the default...
For people like me, I like the opposite as I have 'heavy hands' and thus 
just touching the touchpad will cause it to click.  It is a real pain to 
deactivate it (just as it is for you to activate it.)  I guess so many 
folks complained to Fedora or the driver package creator that they 
changed this action.  Fortunately, it is simple to turn back on.

Now to see if my old trackpoint is supported as well....(This feature 
should be non-selectable as it does not have tap-to-select hardware.)

James McKenzie

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