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 On 08/30/2010 10:25 PM, Takehiko Abe wrote:
> heh. To me it looks like many fedora users are so much traumatized by
> Windows insecurity that they brought the same habits into computing on
> Linux which are not necessary -- like fearing HTML mail or feeling
> vulnerable without firewall or other security enhancing softwares...

It is up to the individual to decided on the level of security they
desire.  Some may consider certain precautions to be based on paranoia.

I think you know that it is certainly possible to deploy a web server
and applications on the web server which, if done improperly, could
expose the system to unnecessary risks.  And, you should also know that
certain selinux policies are designed to mitigate that risk.  One could
argue that the perfect web server designer/administrator doesn't need
that sort of protection...but when you find perfect programmers please
let me know.

As for "fear" of HTML email...  Most of the aversion to  HTML mail on
this list is due to the added size of the message.  Me, I don't care
about the size.  What has turned me off on HTML email is the way some
people/companies abuse it.  There was this one company, from northern
Asia, that sent messages in HTML with 1 pixel images embedded to be
retrieved from their web server.  Each message they sent had a different
image embedded such that they could match the message with the image
retrieval and know that the message was opened/displayed by someone. 
This was their way of getting around people refusing to "acknowledge

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