Linux Games for Kids

Michal michal at
Fri Jul 2 08:53:05 UTC 2010

On 01/07/2010 17:25, g wrote:
> Jim wrote:
>> Can anyone give me some advice for game for kids ages 4-8 ?
>> I have to build up a computer for kids to use at. 4-8. What is on the
>> Fedora Repo's.

Maybe not at 4 but going towards 10 I loved real time strategies, and 
loved these all the way up to late teens when I started getting in to 
FPS's. Wine, crossover etc etc are good and a lot of improvements have 
been made recently to make them even better for games. You might find 
some good windows games will run fine under *nix and to be honest when 
they do start getting above 10, if they are really into games you may 
find you need to do that anyway to keep the Linux. I run Windows 
personally on my gamer PC but I'm a graphics obsessed idiot that will 
happily pay too many pounds to water cool and running the games nativly 
is easiest and performs best.

Other then that, websites. CBBC website has games on stuff on I've heard 
(I don't have children but over heard a convo). When my PC died a few 
years back and all I had was a crappy laptop I used web games, some are 
really good

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