[OT] rather advanced video editing question

Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Mon Jul 5 17:34:52 UTC 2010

Petrus de Calguarium wrote:
> Suvayu Ali wrote:
>>> On 06/24/2010 10:48 PM, JD wrote:
>>>> If you do figure out how to use kdenlive to splice 2 streams togeter,
>>>> please let me know.
> I found kdenlive to be excellent. I selected a VGA NTSC project, as it has 
> the same 4:3 ratio that my original flv file has, even though it is 1/3 
> larger. I put my 2 video files on the tracks 0 and 1, deleted track 2, which 
> moved the audio tracks up to position 2 and deleted the new audio track 3 
> (each audio track is mono or stereo, depending on the source -- mine was 
> stereo).
> All I had to do was to position the video and audio tracks by dragging them 
> to the right or left a bit while playing them in the project monitor on the 
> right of the screen. It was a bit of fiddling to get the audio and video to 
> align 100% (I feel I succeeded sufficiently). Unfortunately, as I determined 
> from the audio track, my 2 video tracks have a 2-second gap and I was not 
> able to figure out how to put in a transition, so my video has a 2-second 
> black screen gap (audio continues uninterrupted), but this is almost not an 
> issue when viewing the final result.
I would have done this another way. First I would break the two good videos into 
individual ppm frames. Then the good audio and bad video into another set of 
frames and a wav file.

By putting the video from the first good clip, a few selected frames from the 
bad video, used to bridge the gap, and the video from the 2nd good video, you 
now have a good audio and a continuous set of frames to encode. And because you 
used ppm format, you can use the tools in the pbmtools package to size, gamma, 
sharpen, etc, on the bad video. It may not be as good as the rest, but you can 
make it better, then produce a complete video without a gap.

Yes, the first time will be a learning curve, but you can do better than you have.

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