The quietness of preupgrade

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> >>>> >>>  On 07/08/2010 11:56 AM, Robert Myers wrote:
> >>  Ignorance is everywhere.
> How do I file an RFE to be able to killfile a particular writer, say
> Robert Myers as a general example from the list digest?
There should be a comma after "Myers" in your parenthetical phrase, which
you correctly introduced with a comma but failed to terminate with a comma.
 Ignorance is everywhere.  So is nastiness.  What the OP asked for
(demanded, really) is not possible even in theory.  Enormous amounts of time
could be expended, and programs  *with* status indicators will still have
long, inexplicable pauses if something unexpected happens.

I didn't attack anyone, but I have been attacked by several, most recently
you.  Before you engage in another bout of self-righteousness, I suggest
some quality mirror time.

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