How Can I reset xserver xorg to default settings to try and avoid crash and log out after log in?[DISCARD]

JD jd1008 at
Thu Jul 15 16:55:02 UTC 2010

  On 07/15/2010 08:13 AM, Rishi Patel wrote:
> I was trying to log in as the user account i normally use, but it 
> fails after everything is completed loading up! I can however log in 
> as root. I yum installed kmod-nvidia ? Does that answer your question? 
> I am quite new to linux.
> On 15 July 2010 15:57, Frank Murphy <frankly3d at 
> <mailto:frankly3d at>> wrote:
>     On 15/07/10 15:53, Rishi Patel wrote:
>     > Hey everyone,
>     >
>     > thanks for that marko I guessed that when it couldn't find the file,
>     > however it still didn't work!
>     > Thanks for your help, I can rule out the xserver being the problem I
>     > think, and I will return to the original thread i created to try
>     find
>     > out why it logs out straight after log in,
>     >
>     >
>     Havn't read the previous thread.
>     Who are you trying to log in as?
>     And you dont actually need an xorg.conf
>     It can be safely deleted.
>     xrandr takes care of your screen.
>     Are you using proprietry nVidia drivers?
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>     Regards,
>     Frank Murphy
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You mean you are able to login into the graphical desktop as root???
I am on most currently updated F13, and I cannot do that, and ops strongly
discourage doing it.

At any rate, since you ARE able to login into the gui desktop as root,
but not as regular user, then the problem is in you home directory contents.
Try this:

Of the files listed below, do this:
Login as root user via console (Ctrl-Alt-F2)
cd ~NormalUserAccount (which is giving you trouble)

and run this script:
for i in .gconf .gconfd .gnome .gnome2 .gnome2_private .gnome_private ; do
mv $i $
echo "Type Ctrl-Alt-F7 or Ctrl-Alt-F1 to get back to GUI login banner"
echo "If you are able to login without problems, come back to this 
terminal and asnwer the question."
echo ""
/bin/echo -n "Were you able to login? y/n [y]: "   #i.e. yes is the 
default if you just press enter
read ans
[ "$ans" = "n" ] && mv $ $i && continue

WHen script exits, AND your login is successful, please
tell us which file was moved and remained with the extension .save

Sometimes, the cause of the exit may be your shell's .profile or .bashrc 
or .bash-profile in your home dir.
If the above script does not fix the problem, rename your shell's rc 
files or .profiles... and try to login again.

Good luck,

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