Autocorrection in OOo 3.1.1 and shortcut for navigating in Firefox when zoomed in

Alan Cox alan at
Thu Jul 15 22:37:16 UTC 2010

> Ok, so that's why it's OK if it doesn't work! Windows at $35 (OEM) for 5-7
> years seems a better alternative though. Red Hat salesmen must be really
> competent. I certainly couldn't sell one Red Hat copy for sure.

If you want to run Windows then do so. We will be very happy for you to
do so. Most sales people I know had a category for people like you -
the "I hope he buys the competitors product" category.

Red Hat has big contracts with some very big very bright and successful
companies. Now it could be they are all collectively stupid and you are
only the clueful person on the planet, but I umm doubt it somehow.

Also you have another thing confused:

Fedora is a *project* not a product. Its a bunch of people who together
put in and get various things out of a common project for whatever reason
makes sense to them.

That in many ways is quite different to something like Android which you
buy as part of a phone.


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