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Fri Jul 16 02:14:07 UTC 2010

On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 6:37 PM, Alan Cox <alan at> wrote:

> > Ok, so that's why it's OK if it doesn't work! Windows at $35 (OEM) for
> 5-7
> > years seems a better alternative though. Red Hat salesmen must be really
> > competent. I certainly couldn't sell one Red Hat copy for sure.
> If you want to run Windows then do so.

Hey, that's exactly the answer I said wouldn't help Red Hat. Great! I'm
surprised it comes from a former kernel maintainer. Maybe that's the spirit
at Red Hat?

> We will be very happy for you to
> do so. Most sales people I know had a category for people like you -
> the "I hope he buys the competitors product" category.

It's true! But I know a software company who eliminated all competition
because they took good note of my comments... amongst many others. Why does
Apple make billions with a *NIX system while Linux cannot get much desktop
market share? Are you really sure there's not a problem of attitude and,
possibly, with the development model. Now that Red Hat knows -- because
you're pretty close to Red Hat, I believe :) -- how long will it take before
this bug gets fixed? Or is there some Bugzilla you'd like to refer me too to
explain the obvious so that Red Hat responsibility is not involved?

> Red Hat has big contracts with some very big very bright and successful
> companies.

And they ship OOo with such obvious bugs or do they make a special for
Fedora users?

Now it could be they are all collectively stupid and you are
> only the clueful person on the planet, but I umm doubt it somehow.

I don't care if people are stupid or not. I care about obvious bugs not
being fixed and I wonder how come this can possibly happen, mainly when the
competition -- read Google, Intel/Nokia -- is caring about users and
striving to provide quality software. Did it ever occured to you that, after
filling their search engine with Android users, Google could offer server
services as efficiently as Red Hat, and with a huge user base?

Tell me, dear developer, how do you see Red Hat's future otherwise than as a
remake of Sun's story? Developers are so clever one wonders how come Steve
Jobs, who never wrote a line of code in his life, runs Apple.

Also you have another thing confused:
> Fedora is a *project* not a product.

What's this supposed to mean? That you can escape all problems by sending
users to Bugzillas?

Its a bunch of people who together
> put in and get various things out of a common project for whatever reason
> makes sense to them.

What makes sense to them? Failing? OK, Red Hat is doing fine now, but the
scenery is changing fast. If you see the future as a continuation of
yesterday, you're doomed. Did you ever wonder who's Steve Jobs or the
management at Google's? They're people who have one thing in sight: the
user. And they succeed. People who have geek "projects" in mind fail. Of
course, Red Hat is moving forward but is it at the right pace? Google, who
went public five years after Red Hat now has 25x the market capitalization.
If your good friend :) Linux Torvalds had to entrust Linux's future to a
company, which one  would it be?

I strongly believe more attention should be given to users' problems and
wills. Ask Shuttleworth. No Goldman and Sachs will make you a millionaire in
his story. Not only is he putting every cent back into Canonical. but
instead of getting a pay, he adds some of his own, only to accelerate
growth. It's funny, I don't feel the same drive in Red Hat
multi-millionaires *EOs. On a lesser scale Red Hat is facing the same growth
problem as Microsoft.

Your buzz off answer won't solve this kind of problem. It never has and
never will. If your spirit is the kind that rules at Red Hat, no doubt Red
Hat is doomed.
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