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Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 20 16:27:07 UTC 2010

> How does one explain Fedora Games SIG?  

A customized spin of Fedora with games :), Like KDE spin, LXDE spin, XFCE spin, SugarSpin, ..., etc.  I can ask Bruno Wolffe for more information on the Games spin if needed, but I am happy as it is :)  

> Fedora has
> hundreds of projects
> running at any time and only a small fraction of it is
> connected to Red
> Hat.  I assumed you just searched for cloud in the
> wiki and threw up the
> first link that came up.  

Wrong!  I did not do that.  I looked for Fedora Cloud Services and that was the first page that showed up.  

> Read what it says in more
> details.  Fedora's
> infrastructure efforts on virtualization pre-dates Red
> Hat's cloud
> efforts by a few years.  Fedora has always used VM's
> to build packages.  

I read it and it says the following:
We are still working on the Fedora cloud setup, the content of this page will grow at the same time we work and troubleshoot all services.

> > It is there, because Red Hat needs to test those
> techonologies out before they are used?, or Red Hat is
> already prepared to consult with individulals, and/or
> companies that want to use Cloud Computing Services?
> >
> > I carefully try to keep up with these topics as I read
> that others are already doing this and that something needed
> to be done to keep up with the changes?
> >
> > Yours and others' input are greatly appreciated :)
> >   
> You need to look beyond the word "cloud" and understand
> that it is a
> catch all phrase and does mean a single body of
> technology.   The
> technologies involved have already been widely used,
> namely
> virtualization and other things.  Read the document
> for consulting and
> you can see for yourself how this is not something
> fundamental new. 

Well actually it might not be new, but for it to be on Fedora, I scratched my head :)  Since Fedora is a free general purpose operating system, I could not think that "Cloud Computing" would be promoted?

And anyone can host those "cloud computing services" using Fedora if anyone would want to  make money selling those services :)  

> Rahul
> -- 

Thanks for your input.




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