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Christofer C. Bell christofer.c.bell at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 23:08:15 UTC 2010

On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 5:52 PM, Steve Searle <steve at stevesearle.com> wrote:
> Around 11:26pm on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 (UK time), Christofer C. Bell scrawled:
>> regardless of one's taste in MUA, one should not be using an MUA that
>> makes it difficult to read one's email without enforcing one's
>> personal views on posting etiquette on others.
>> If your MUA requires you to tell others to not quote, to not top-post,
>> to do anything other than post whatever they like, in order to read
>> your email comfortably, then you are using the wrong MUA.  If the
>> formatting of other people's messages cause you frustration,
>> helplessness, or anger, then you are using the wrong MUA.  If these
>> feelings of frustration, helplessness, or anger rise to the point that
>> you need to post about it and kick off long and useless threads over
>> the merits of various "posting styles," then you're using the wrong
>> MUA.
> Presumably it was my use of the wrong MUA that stopped me from
> understanding what you were saying until you sent this email.
> However I will continue to use mutt, and cope with the frustrations of
> those who ignore mailinglist guidelines the way I try to cope with rude
> or ignorant people in any walk of life. I may try to gently inform
> ignorant people, but will usually ignore rudeness, though I may feel
> slightly less inclined to help them out.

Honestly, Steve, that's the entire point.  If your use of mutt isn't
causing you feelings of frustration, helplessness, or anger, then it's
the right MUA for you. ;-)  If only we could be so lucky that everyone
had the same outlook!(*)

(*) No pun intended. ;-)


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