Still no kmod for new nvidia

David dgboles at
Fri Jul 30 15:57:51 UTC 2010

On 7/30/2010 11:13 AM, Steve Searle wrote:
> Around 03:33pm on Friday, July 30, 2010 (UK time), David scrawled:
>> So that's one example which you 'documented' well. My complaint(s) are
>> with the vague claims that some make but then never show any proof.
>> Which I am seeing more and more of these days.
> Ouch, presumably that is aimed at me for since I made the first
> reference to "Driver Hell" in an email I sent this morning (UK time),
> however I have had to keep you waiting while I went to work :-)


As I said elsewhere vague statements grate on me.  :-)

I remember having to go to work too. Lucky me I have on of those
work-at-home positions now. Nice deal. I ake my own hours as long as it
gets done.

> However so I do not intend to document instances of problems with
> Windows drivers on this list.  I have seen them (as well as problems
> with drivers on GNU/Linux), and a quick Google reveals one or two.
> I suspect that are not that far apart on our thoughts where this relates
> to Fedora - I certainly do not think Fedora should be blamed if hardware
> is no longer compatible with a new release, or if software provided by a
> third party such as RPMFusion stops working. I also feel that if the use
> of closed propriety drivers are that critical to someones computer use
> then they should be usimg a more stable distro than Fedora.

Could be. You are aware of course that all the 'modern' distro's are
similar to Fedora in development? Kernels, Xorg, and such. Stable would
be like Debian, CentOS, and the like. And IMO stable=stale.  :-)

I use 'real' Nvidia drivers myself. I have for years since around the
time of RH 5.2 or so. I switched to Fedora Core at release 2. And with
each new kernel I have always complied and installed the drivers myself.
And yes I know all about DKMS, 'the other' automated setups, and all. I
just prefer to roll my own.

What has really annoyed me with this last series of threads is the
hardheadedness of some. They will not understand the situation. They
appear to not be willing, or perhaps able, to follow the helpful
instructions so many have offered to acquire and install the automagic
system. Complaining over and over? That they can do very well.  :-)

I use Windows Ultimate 64 bit and esoteric software for my work. The
software will not run on Linux. Period. Maybe someday. So I duel-boot.

Anyway, I myself, have never had a major driver problem of any kind with
hardware and any version of Windows. Maybe I'm lucky?

Have a good day.


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