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>On 07/31/2010 06:38 PM, Paul Cartwright wrote:
>> I don't know why, but I keep trying to install Fedora on my laptop. The last 
>> time I did it , it told me it had to initialize my HD, and I stupidly said 
>> YES. And it did. Wiped out my XP/Ubuntu setup. I reinstalled XP , and I tried 
>> AGAIN, and it still wants to initialize my HD.  
>> This is a Dell 100Gb HD laptop that has always been dual-boot, with lots of 
>> Linux distros EXCEPT Fedora..
>> If I say ignore, it tells me there are no partitions to install onto.
>What is the output of fdisk -l
There is and always has been a limit of 4 physical partitions.  Fedora, for some strange reason, wants to put a /boot in the mix if you try to boot off of a LVM.  I had both as physical partitions (all of the space in the logical is taken).  When I tried to reinstall, I forgot about the /boot and tried to create ANOTHER physical partition.  No space.  Maybe that is what Paul is encountering.  

Yes, what is the output of fdisk -l

You might find that there is no space left.

James McKenzie

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