how not to initialize HD

Paul Cartwright ale at
Sat Jul 31 20:50:40 UTC 2010

On Sat July 31 2010, JB wrote:
> this is part 2.
> Above you see your disk layout.
> You have noticed that there is one primary partition missing - the sda3
> should be a primary partition (even if unused free space), the extended
> partition would be sda4, and the logical partitions would be sda5, sda6,
> ... .
> OK.
> We have to find a way to insert that new 3rd primary partition into its
> place. This will be done by taking some space from sda2 (W95 FAT16).
> In order to do that we have to save your data on that sda2 partition to
> somewhere, best would be if you start your Win XP and copy that data to
> your sda8 partition which is W95 FAT32, or to your CD-RW or CD-R disk, or
> to your sda1 partition (pay attention: NTFS), or you may decide that you do
> not have anyting valuable there and do not care if it gets destroyed by us.
> Please save sda2 contents now and let me know when finished and ready for
> part 3.
sda2 is the original Dell recscue partition, there is no way I'd ever use it 
again.. but I copied it to sda8 anyway..

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