Traffic Shaping / Bandwidth Throttling

Roberto Ragusa mail at
Sun Jun 6 14:55:37 UTC 2010

Thom Paine wrote:
> I've been using gShield for years as the firewall on my border device.
> I am looking at traffic shaping and bandwidth limiting on my network
> to improve my voip and to throttle down my buddies torrents.

Throttling uploads is easier than downloads.
You have to use tc and probably iptables (I prefer using MARK with
iptables and then use the mark for tc rules).
You will only get good results if you do it carefully;
the first thing to know is what kind of internet connection you have,
for example how much up/down bandwidth you have and if you are able
to saturate you upload and download in every moment or you have
unpredictable contention with other users of your provider.

A good setup will not simply slow down torrents; it will only slow
down them when other important traffic is present.

Google "wondershaper"; it is a good start.

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