Seeking a grep-like script

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Thu Jun 10 20:02:00 UTC 2010

Bill Davidsen wrote:

>> I'm looking for a grep-like script that searches for a given word,
>> and returns the paragraphs in which it appears (rather than the lines),
>> where a paragraph is defined as the material between 2 blank lines.

> If by "looking for" you mean finding a script which does you what you
> want, I don't know where you find it, it's a bit trivial to bother to
> save.

What is trivial to one is a lifetime's work for another ...

Actually, my perl script did not work, and I reckoned:
Time to post to newsgroup: 1 minute;
time to correct my perl script: 1 hour.

But thanks for your solution, and all the others.

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