Patrick O'Callaghan pocallaghan at
Mon Jun 14 16:52:59 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-06-14 at 12:25 -0400, Ray Pittigher wrote:
> Yes that works on the client side but what about seeing what clients
> are doing from the server side?

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AFAIK there is no general solution to this. As has already been noted,
NFS started life as a stateless server and some clients are still going
to use it that way since it has efficiency benefits among others. IOW
the server doesn't *know* what clients are "using" it, because the
server has no state to represent the fact that a file was opened by a
client but not yet closed. The client side does of course have open
files, but that's handled internally in the client kernel.

NFSv4 changes this somewhat, but not all the time and not in every


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