problem booting windows on a flash stick via qemu

JD jd1008 at
Mon Jun 21 18:19:35 UTC 2010

On 06/21/2010 08:31 AM, Greg Woods was caught red-handed while writing::
> On Mon, 2010-06-21 at 07:19 -0700, JD wrote:
>> ages.)
>> I thought the windows HW wizard automatically detects new hardware
>> and proceeds to install the drivers for it.
> Under the "right" circumstances.
>>   It's like taking your hard drive
>> and putting it into a different PC and booting it.
> I have had success doing this with Linux, but Windows always blue
> screens whenever I try this. I have never figured out whether this is
> because of all the anti-piracy crap or if it's just a bug. But I
> wouldn't count on the new hardware wizard magically fixing everything on
> a Windows system if you try to boot the same image with different
> hardware (virtual or physical).
> --Greg

Well, for me, as far as REAL hardware is concerned, I have
not had problem migrating the HD to different desktops.
Only problem I DID have when doing so, is when there was
a clone of the disk as a secondary drive, which was my
backup in case the boot disk died. Well, windows detected
the backup and literally, mangled that backup disk!!
So, I hope people reading this will take note: Never boot
windows when a mirror image of the boot disk is present
and online (i.e: powered on and connected to the bus).
The backup disk was always created via linux (dd) about
once a week.
I am not going to purse this issue re: blue screen under qemu.
It was just an experiment. I like VirtualBox and it works!



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