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Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Sun Jun 27 03:42:32 UTC 2010

>> Until the next update, or some big problem rears its head...

Bob Goodwin:
> Update? I assumed it is something I will have to do with a new
> Fedora release? Problems happen, all kinds. I just struggle with
> them. If I can't fix them I do without a function perhaps ...

Yes, I meant system update, rather than mail program update.
>> How were you expecting to get remote mail into the local system?

> Pop3 or IMAP, if it is stored locally I only have to transfer
> all those image bits one time.

Yes.  Though I was thinking more about what you would use to do it.

> if I read a message several time without the local server, each time I
> access it it probably gets sent from the gmail server burning up my
> b.w.?

That would depend on caching.  Some IMAP clients can keep a temporary
cache, so that if you were to look at a message, look at another, then
go back to the first, it'd just re-read the cached data.  The ability
for this to work may depend on the server, too.

> I have one computer I uses as a file server, it would be neat if
> I could store the IMAP mail there and read it from any computer
> on our home LAN.

That's what I do, and why I did it.

>> Then, you could do something that I've not got around to doing, as well:
>> Having a script sort your mail into folders, as it comes in, rather than
>> have your mail client do it.

> Apparently there is a reason to do this, better in some way than
> the Thunderbird filters that I have been making good use of for
> some time?

For some clients, their filtering is slow, or limited in functionality.
And, if you handle your mail on different computers, you'd be
programming rules on each computer.

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