Background task to download FC14 isos

Andre Robatino robatino at
Thu Nov 11 10:56:35 UTC 2010

Robert Moskowitz wrote:

> In the past I have always gotten on the terminal of a server and
> executed a script that did a bunch of wgets to get the CD isos for a
> release.

> Well I want to grab the FC14 isos, and I am not home for a few days.
> I can't do it in a SSH session to a server at home as I will drop my
> session before all the images are downloaded.

Be aware that for F15 and later there will no longer be split media
(including CDs), so don't waste too much time scripting this. Just
starting up a few "wget -b"'s manually as suggested earlier is probably

(Sorry for not responding in-thread, but Gmane isn't updating, and I
wanted to respond before F15 is out - would have done it yesterday if
not for this.)

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