problems with gigabit speeds on dual network card

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Sun Sep 19 15:30:41 UTC 2010

On 09/18/2010 09:44 PM, JD wrote:

> > Are there any bios hooks in your mobo?
 dont think so ...

> > Did you try all theports of the switch?
  Not yet no - excellent suggestion tho ... I have to proceed with care
as the network is in production. I will definitely test this.

> >
> > How about getting a cat6 null modem cable
> > and plug it's ends into both  of your GigE ports.
> > and the see if the port that is currently operating
> > in GigE mode drops down to 100M.
  Both cards are running at 100 but good idea

> > Has it ever operated at GigE speeds in combination
> > with the switch?
> >
  While the cards were unused (bought a few years ago and in the parts
department :-) ... the switch is not. So this firewall had not had Gb
the cards before .. tho it does have that one on board NIC i could try
as well.

 thanks for ideas

 (reply to yours seems to go to gmail instead of list ... sometimes)

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