OT: one huge monitor or 2 smaller or bigger ones ? SOLVED.

Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Tue Apr 5 10:53:50 UTC 2011

Ed Greshko:
>> Don't worry....  No matter what you say about how well it works for
>> "you" there will be someone that will argue that what "you" are doing
>> isn't optimal and you should do it "their way'.  :-)

> True enough.  And yet one of those "you should do it my way" posts
> really helped me. 


I think what's probably more useful, to someone trying to work out what
to do, is hearing about the various problems.  Some they won't have
heard of before.  Then they can weigh up which sound best or worst.

With dual monitors two problems I've found were:  If something has to
span both monitors, it doesn't do it well if they're different
dimensions.  And the desktop, itself, doesn't always handle two screens
of different dimensions, too well.  Though, you might have to set things
up, that way, that if your graphics card isn't good enough to handle
driving two monitors at full resolution, simultaneously.

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