F16 and gnome 3.2

Aaron Konstam akonstam at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 6 01:00:46 UTC 2011

> >
> > How exactly is this controller lacking and how do you identify a video
> > controller that will work with Gnome w3.2?
> I've just been trying to find this out, and not succeeded after a few 
> minutes of googling. The Gnome folk say that 'accelerated graphics 
> hardware' is needed.
> However, I have a machine here with an intel 82945G/GZ and it can run 
> Gnome-shell fine. So this is a little odd. Can you just run this to make 
> sure you have gnome-shell installed:
> yum list gnome-shell
> If it says 'Available' instead of 'Installed', then you can install it with:
> sudo yum install gnome-shell
> Reboot, then see if you get gnome-shell when you log in.
> Rich
gnome-shell is installed but I only get fail-safe mode.

Any other ideas?

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