Setting Primary Monitor with F14 - dual monitors [Found Temporary Fix]

CS DBA cs_dba at
Fri May 20 22:36:36 UTC 2011


I'm running KDE, and I've managed to fix this via an autostart file. It 
waits for me to be logged in then it swaps the screens, kinda goofy but 
it works.

I placed a file called xrandr in the .kde/Autostart directory under my 
home directory.  Then I added the content below and made the file 


xrandr --output LVDS1 --primary


I'd like a more elegant/permanent solution so I dont have to "swap" the 
screens after login , however it does work for now...

> On 05/20/11 10:46, CS DBA wrote:
>> Hi All;
>> I just installed Fedora 14 and generally everything works great. One
>> nuisance I'd like to fix is per the primary monitor.
>> If I boot up with dual monitors then Fedora places my task manager /
>> menu bar, etc on the external monitor. I can use xrandr like this to fix it:
>>     xrandr --output LVDS1 --primary
>> However, I'd like the system to use my laptop screen as the default
>> monitor always. Is this possible?
>> Thanks in advance...
> +1
> I would like that too. It has annoyed me every time
> I have added an external monitor.
> I think something in the X server or maybe gnome
> need to be fixed so that external monitor is not used
> in the current default manner.

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