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Wed Nov 2 19:36:17 UTC 2011

Hi, All three of the distributions you mentioned are major .. Ubuntu is
more of a graphical Linux which will keep you safe, but will also
restrict your learning experience in the sense that getting to a Root
(administrator) command line is not encouraged. Fedore and SuSE are the
other two major distributions, I personally used to use SuSE and have
moved back to Fedora which has improved a lot lately (last 3 years). To
me they are equivalent, but SuSE belongs to Novell, which was sold
recently to AtachMate. SuSE also works closer with Microsoft, which for
a Windows guy would seem better but for a Linux guy, makes us somewhat

RPM/DEB both work well, and shouldn't influence your choice.

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On 11/02/2011 08:37 AM, Linux Tyro wrote:
> hi,
> i am new in this world of linux. getting confused seeing a lot of
> linux distro. I just want to use linux distro to learn linux from the
> scratch level. please suggest me if fedora is the best place to start
> with. other details are as follows:
> confused between: fedora, openSUSE and ubuntu LTS 
> purpose of using linux: to learn from the scratch level
> why linux: highly secured and better than windows
> hardware: 250 gb hard disk, 2 gb ram, one samsung printer, speakers
> when i use system: from a different job, whenever i get time, i do use
> the system but in this less time, eager to learn linux
> --
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