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That depends entirely on who you ask. Here, you are likely to get
> pro-RPM answers, as Fedora uses RPM and people choose it for a reason.
> Each has features and niceties that the other does not. Both are good
> package formats and systems; they just have different opinions about how
> the world works.
> RPM maintains data for verification of installed software. That has
> saved me on at least one occasion.
> DEB has the concept of optional dependencies, which can offer you
> greater flexibility in managing what software is installed on your
> system. That is probably the biggest Debian/Ubuntu package management
> feature I miss since switching to Fedora.
> If you're going to build packages, they're mostly just different. Both
> are pretty easy to do once you know what's going on; I find RPM slightly
> easier, but Debian provides lots of nice helper scripts for package
> builds (and those are inherited by Ubuntu).
> Pick one. You won't really go wrong. In my opinion, software
> availability, quality, and maintenance culture are more important
> factors for picking a Linux distribution than package manager, unless
> you have prior package manager knowledge you're looking to carry with
> you.  From those perspectives, I have selected Fedora (after using
> Debian and Ubuntu for quite some time), but YMMV.

For whatever reason(s) (which actually I also don't understand at this
stage), I have decided to go with the .rpm side of Linux. As you say both
are great, so yes, anyone I choose, I win!

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