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On Sat, Nov 5, 2011 at 1:35 PM, Linux Tyro <fedora.bkn at gmail.com> wrote:

Excited to see this world of Linux. A general question came in mind
> regarding the origin of Linux.
> Well, it (Linux) is basically a kernel -- perhaps same in majority of all
> the distros, almost all. Well, openSUSE also uses the technique of .rpm
> which is again Red Hat Package Manager. So basically i get to know that it
> was initially in Linux two sides -- 1) debian 2) rpm (as already discussed)
> but just wanted to know that openSUSE also has been derived from Redhat
> like many other distros have....?
> And out of debian and .rpm, both seem to be the oldest but I guess debian
> is more old...? Was just talking of linux not unix (like freebsd).

Well, this question might seem silly to somebody but being a beginner these
question(s) often come in mind, so I just get to know the better
experiences of the people -- of course Linux experts. If it (this question)
is irrelevant, I am sorry, just cancel the question.

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