gnomebaker [WAS: Re: question(s) on Brasero (maybe bug)]

Paul Allen Newell pnewell at
Sat Nov 5 22:13:16 UTC 2011

On 11/5/2011 4:19 AM, Don Quixote de la Mancha wrote:
> The find command will easily determine the longest path in your directory tree.
> If "~/foo" is the root of the tree that you want to burn, try:
>     $ cd ~/foo
>     $ find . -print>  ../paths.txt

Awhile back I'd written a python script to flag all files whose total 
path/base.ext were longer than Nero's 97 limit so I'm adding more tests 
into that script. As I said in my reply to Poc, I am suspect of my data 
and want a rich set of stats on it to make sure its clean per k3b 
iso-level 3 so I can confirm that the crash I am getting isn't my data 
(or at least that it isn't "to the best of my ability").

> I was mistaken when I said that the UNIX maximum path length was given
> by the MAXPATH #include file macro.  It's actually PATH_MAX.
Thanks for the additional info on maximum path length. Looking in cygwin 
its 4096 with a _POSIX_PATH_MAX of 256. Given that I am trying to stay 
within maximums that work across the board, the Nero 97 character is the 
lowest max and that's my target.

I know I have some deep directory structures (10, maybe 11?) and I am 
seeing iso documentation about 31 character max file name (plus Brasero 
and k3b want to rename owing to that max). Maybe other stuff that I 
haven't spotted yet.

I've got alot of learning and hopefully not too much clean-up.


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