F-16 should have more easy custom user default-options, right to the core...

Linda McLeod lindavaldeen at fastmail.fm
Mon Nov 7 04:37:43 UTC 2011

F-16 should have more easy custom user options, all of them, right to
the core...  If something is fun the whole world loves it...

Most of my Internet work is done downloading and uploading pix-edits.. 
Sure would be sweet if when I clicked "save pix", the "save" would
happen right where the cursor is at the "save pix" button..

How do I eliminate the second "save pix" command, so Fedora goes
straight to saving the pix I've already asked it to save..?  Like in
Gimp, I click save, and I must repeat the command..  How do I eliminate
those irritating secondary command pop-ups, so the thing does what I
wants it to do on first click..?  The computer is supposedly the epitome
of efficiency.. It is not efficient when the user must set repeat
commands twice and often thrice..  though I do realize that some users
need those many safety features to mentor them through daily functions
unscathed.. some of us take full responsibility accurately for the
buttons we click.. though once I accidentally deleted a whole file of
thousands of pix.. Lucky I had backups, but I lost ten hours of edits.. 
Haven't done it since.. It's a hard lesson, but once burned & learned
isn't likely to be repeated...  F-16 needs resou8rces to click off all
those echo safety resources, so a guy can get things done at a
high-speed velocity, without the thing forever asking for conformation
to finial decisions, is what makes using the computer feel like "it is
made for, and is addressing sleeping overly-stressed neanderthals"... 
F-16 should have more genius-user options, right to the core..  maybe as
a package that digs into all defaults straight-up in a toolbox window..
maybe as an add-on apartment (or "tangential hallway") in Ailurus..?  

Would be nice if there was a package that opened up the whole OS to
instant quick & easy reconfiguring...

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