uid1000: How to install F16 with custom login.defs

Mattias Hellström hellstrom.mattias at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 10:01:12 UTC 2011

I want to connect Fedora 16 to a NIS/YP/NFS server that has users from
500 and up.
I can not modify the server at this point, I can create a separate NIS
server and direct all F16 machines to this.
Users will log on to many machines at the same time, so a uid
translating NFS server sounds scary.

I see these possible solutions:
1) Some NFS hack to allow user mapping on the client
    This is the best variant if it works, but modern nfs clients seams
to have removed all usable features.

2) Adding login.defs in anaconda %pre, but the /etc I see in %pre is
not the one? This means format the drivers with raid etc and mounting
them in the %pre (oh joy)
    This is not a serious suggestion?

3) Installing F15 then upgrade
    Installation will take much longer.

4) Hack anaconda to allow for file injection
    Fun hack probably a nightmare to debug

5) Replace shadow-utils.rpm with my own on the installation source.

Please elaborate on alternative solutions and my suggested plausible ones.

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