About Fedora Security? Drums machines? Fedora distros? Background configs?

Linda McLeod lindavaldeen at fastmail.fm
Sun Nov 20 22:22:59 UTC 2011

For various security reasons my work computer is almost never
net-connected, except occasionally, to make critical updates..  Which
networking programs do I disable or uninstall to clean-out the packages
I don't need in Fedora-14..?  How do I uninstall any "key-loggers from
the F-14, 15, & 16 OS"s..?  How do I get into the controls where a
novice can reconfig F-14, 15, & 16, to eliminate unwanted never-used
parts of the OS, without damaging the operation of the OS of this
speciality PC, which is exclusively for Gimp artwork, music creating &
editing, and creative writing..? 

In what ways is Fedora vulnerable to cracker activities..?  and how do I
close & lock those doors..?

Is there a Linux drum-machine that plays congas, bongos, and speciality

Will there ever be specialized Linux distro's: "Fedora Gimp", "Fedora
FocusWriter", Fedora-Music..?  
Are there any top-quality distro's in these areas done in F-14..?

Which packages do I need in F-14 to add Gimp & FocusWriter as much as
possible into the OS..? 

Have you noticed, that more of humanity is becoming more and more
creative "by the hour"..?  Soon user-friendly OS's, which cater to the
needs of genius, artisan, & creative people will be in high demand... 
What would you have if you married/blended Fedora with Scientific

Is there a package that makes different background pix in choice of
desktop workspaces..?  

Would be so nice.. with just a mouse click,  if I could eliminate my pix
editing desktop screen the moment prying restricted-eyes are

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