Can't install nvidia drivers on Laptop

Lawrence Graves lgraves95 at
Wed Nov 23 14:51:06 UTC 2011

On 11/23/2011 07:36 AM, Kevin Martin wrote:
> 11/23/2011 01:02 AM, Joe Zeff wrote:
>> On 11/22/2011 07:59 PM, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
>>> ...Actually, I know Larewnce. He's using the kmod-nvidia and
>>> akmod-nvidia drivers from the RPM Fusion repository. He's also running
>>> F16 x86_64 and used the standard methods published to install the
>>> drivers.
>> Oh, good.  As I said, I was guessing, largely because most people who
>> haven't run across the fedoraforum aren't aware of the kmod/akmod method.
> FWIW, the kmod and akmod method is not always the end all/be all for installing the nVidia drivers (I say this primarily when using
> the rawhide kernels).  There aren't kmods to use against the debug versions of the kernels and the akmod's won't compile against the
> debug versions of the kernel source (it appears due to the nVidia license saying "NVIDIA" instead of "GPL").  I think the rpmfusion
> nVidia driver packages are great most of the time, but there are shortcomings sometimes.
> Kevin
Then what do you suggest I do to get my nvidia drivers installed.

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